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Leather Cleaning

There are many hides, colours and finishes on modern leather suites.

It is very important to regularly clean these items as grease and soiling will eventually break down the protective coating applied to these and cause cracking, hardening and colour loss.

Our cleaning process starts with a light clean with luke warm water and a microfibre cloth to remove any surface dust and soil. This is then followed by a cleaning agent applied as a foam to each panel of the suite, lightly massaged into the leather either by hand or with a special sponge. This is then given a little time to dwell on the leather to break down the soiling, this agent along with soiling is then wiped off using absorbent tissue.

The last process is to apply a protector to the leather, which enhances the protective coating on the leather, which acts as a barrier to resist daily soiling, noticable dye transfer (from jeans etc) on light suites, and give you more time
to wipe away spillages which could damage the leather.

All the products we use are supplied by the LTT (Leather Training and Technical) in Harrogate, and are regarded as one of the most innovative in the field of leather cleaning and restoration.