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Carpet Cleaning

Your carpets are an expensive investment, let us clean them regularly to maintain their appearance, and extend their life. Your carpets trap soils, dust, pet hairs and also act as a filter for many other pollutants. Regular vacuuming removes some of these, but is not able to remove particles deep within.  Regular cleaning has been proven to do this and also improves indoor air quality.

Cleaning processes we use

  1. Extraction cleaning-
  • Thorough vacuuming with professional grade vac.
  • A pre spray is then applied, this is a cleaning solution which breaks down the soiling in the carpet and suspends it in this solution.
  • A thorough brushing in of this solution deep into the carpet pile using a mechanical agitator, designed specifically for this task.
  • The final process, a complete rinse and extraction of this solution using a high powered machine .
This is the industry accepted, most intense way of cleaning your carpets, don't let any company tell you otherwise.  99% of carpets can be cleaned this way, and 90% of  professional carpet cleaners use this process, as their main process.  During this process we will move furniture, sofas, etc., where possible, to clean every inch of your carpet, the furniture will then be put back on foil pads or blocks while the carpet dries.  

      2. Low moisture cleaning-
  • Thorough vacuuming.
  • Application of a free rinsing pre-spray.
  • Agitation of this solution into the carpeting using a rotating cleaning machine, which has attached to it a special scrubbing bonnet.
  • Then using the same machine, we attach a different microfibre pad (bonnet), which has very high absorbency and this draws the soil into the pad.
This process is used mainly in commercial situations, and is highly effective in keeping work spaces clean and back in use quickly, usually within the hour.

      3. Dry powder cleaning-

  • Thorough vaccuuming.
  • The powder medium is sprinkled on the carpet pile, brushed in with a CRB (contra rotating brush machine) designed for this task, the powder medium then absorbs the soiling.
  • After a short dwell time the powder and soil are vacuumed away.